Research Projects

1. 2020.  "Exit Strategy: Career Concerns and Revolving Doors in Congress (with Hye Young You)." American Political Science Review. 114(1): 270-284.  ​DOI:
2. Conditionally Accepted.  "Polling Place Changes and Political Participation: The Effect of Election Administration in North Carolina  Presidential Elections, 2008-2016 (with Joshua D. Clinton, Nicholas Eubank, and Adriane Fresh)Political Science Research & Methods. 
Working Papers

1. "The Politics of Locating Polling Places: Race and Partisanship in North Carolina Election Administration, 2008-2016" (with Joshua D. Clinton, Nicholas Eubank, and Adriane Fresh). Revise & Resubmit at Election Law Journal.  

2. “Look Up at That Mansion on the Hill: Does Mass Media Activate the Politics of Resentment?" (with Marc J. Trussler). Under Review

3. "The Politics of Pain: Medicaid Expansion and the Opioid Epidemic."  Under Review. 



Work in Progress


1. “Overdosed and Undertreated: The Politics of America’s Rural Health Care Crisis" (dissertation book project).

2. “The History of the Representation of Urban and Rural Interests in Congress" (with Joshua D. Clinton).

3. “The Politics of America’s Rural Health Care Crisis.."

4. “The Ironic Political Legacy of the Tennessee Valley Authority."

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